New React Course Available!

Nice question!

In first part that is not covered.

I am hoping for same in second part of the series.

As for currently published syllabus of Part 2, I could not find that there is any mention of these topics.

If you can confirm that it will surely be covered, then I can start my subscription again and start going through the part 1.

Do note, this is really important for me; currently almost none of the courses out there have this covered when it comes to real-world workflows

Downloaded new ones and trying to manage Old React Course using new versions, a bit challenging, but fine at the moment :see_no_evil:
Thanks for reply.
I wish to feel like I walk in a park one day … :grinning:

No you don’t need to watch the old React course unless you have to maintain an older project built with class components. Just watch the new course and you’re good. I’ve covered everything from the ground up.


The syllabus for part 2 is not finalized yet. I’m still working on it.

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Give it time!
It surely will be like a walk in a park one day.

Don’t rush to get knowledge. Let the existing concepts sink in then move forward to understand advanced topics.

Note that only way to be a good developer is by having solid foundation of basics first then practicing projects to create something meaningful.

All the best.

Please make sure to cover ‘Unit Tests’ at least.

I can’t buy react course. I don’t know why my card is declined and I am from Pakistan. Any suggestions?

What is vscode’s theme in the course? I enrolled the course and very like the course. Thank you Mosh


I do my best :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for support :blush:

Hi :wave: I’ve just started a new React course #excited

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Hi Mosh ! Great Work !
I’m about to take this new course… but, I just wanna know if the part 2 will be added to this one or… will be a completely different one, please.

Thanks !

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Hey, Mosh, for the second part of this course, will we have to buy it separately? or the current purchase will apply to it too?


Is this course going to be included in “The Ultimate Full-stack JavaScript Developer Bundle” like the other react course was?

I think we will have to buy the second part separately.

Unfortunately, I had a similar problem. I tried to pay several times, with two different cards (both valid, with sufficient amount), but they were declined. I then contacted support at Teachable. They answered almost immediately and asked me to give them additional information: the date I tried to make the payment, the last four digits of the card number and the amount. I have sent them all the information and I am still waiting for their reply. It was March 18 (CET), a few days before the end of the special offer

In the meantime, the special offer has expired. I tried again because the Mosh website still says $10. This time the card was accepted, but with a regular amount of $149, which I did not accept.

how to enable SUBTITLES of React course

subtitles are not available for new ReactJS course I think!
But you can utilize the playback speed if you think instructor is speaking too slow or too fast.

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then why are they marked in the course description, if subtitles aren’t available?

Subtitles are available now.
Enjoy guys.
(I never needed them anyway)