New ReactJS Course is Coming

Hey Fellow Enthusiasts,

Let’s comment here about the content that should go into advanced (probably) ReactJS course.

For me:

  • ReactJS using TypeScript (I believe this can be challenging because not everyone is comfortable with TS).

  • Performance Optimization Techniques

  • Testing ReactJS applications (probably Jest)

  • A new project concept (eCommerce store, or any other fresh project concept).

Let’s find out what most of us want!

FYI: This is in reference with the email I got yesterday from Mosh about the new ReactJS course. I know everyone got this email but knowing what most of the guys in the community want can lead to better learning environment and experience.


Hi, I am very thankful Mosh is doing an updated course on react. Some project ideas could be a discord type messaging app, social media app, dating or classifieds app. Any project really that Mosh hasn’t done before is fine

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