New to programming, I need some guidance and advice please!

Hello Mosh forum, I’m very happy that I have started the JavaScript series and am looking forward to become good. I am finishing the second part now and I will take some time to practice to get more comfortable with the language. I want to start learning React 18 with TypeScript right after but I thought that maybe I should first take the TypeScript course that Mosh has, just to prepare myself with TypeScript as well so the transition to React 18 with TypeScript is smoother.

Is it a good idea to follow this plan or get straight to React 18 after JS ? Perhaps the TypeScript course has some backend stuff and I’m afraid that I will get confused!

Any advice and guidance from you guys would be very much appreciated since I am quite new on this!
Thank you very much in advance! I hope you have a nice day all!

TypeScript and HTML course would be recommended to help you understand the React course. Your learning curve will be easier and you will be happier that you understand the course. Wishing you the best.


I really thank you for your advice @usaszerelem ! I am still thinking about it since I already have some decent html skills, plus Mosh mentions that no TypeScript knowledge is required to take the React 18 course.

Hi Nikos,
like you, I have a good understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and I have started Mosh’s React for Beginners course without having a clue of TypeScript, because he said it was not necessary to know it.
Now, after finishing the React Beginners course, I can tell you my experience:
During most of the course, it was no problem to follow along. The TypeScript parts were well explained.
BUT: Doing the Project, which is the last part of the course (3 h), the TypeScript parts confused me a lot and instead of concentrating on how the app is built, I mainly concentrated on how to get the TypeScript correct. Frankly, I found this too difficult.
In the end, I plan to do the project again, but only with JavaScript in order to understand how the app is structured and concentrate ONLY on React.
I also bought the TypeScript Course, but haven’t gotten far yet. I first want to master React.
I wish you all the best!

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Hi @Birgit , I want to thank you for sharing your learning experience via your reply!
I will seriously consider of taking the TypeScript course before moving to React w/ TypeScript, this is also what usaszerelem suggested me to do, he surely knows better! I will first try to practice my JavaScript skills with more online exercises because I don’t really know how to use all the stuff I’ve learned in JS since I’m very new on this type of programming!
I’m happy that there are people on the same path as me and are willing to help me!
Thank you so much!

@Nikos if you are getting comfortable with JS, then TS isn’t too much of a stretch, the main principles is that it adds type safety and interfaces (this can introduce the idea of polymorphism, a concept common in OOP).

I would say that if you want to take the React + TypeScript course then knowing just JS is more than enough (although some light reading on OOP concepts would definitely make it a lot easier). Mosh goes into the specifics of TypeScript in the course. If you are looking to save some money and time I would say that you can safely move onto the React + TypeScript course without having to get the TypeScript course and taking time to learn that first (this is true, only if you are comfortable with JS though).

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Hi @Nicos,
if you want to level up and practice your JS skills, I recommend
JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures on

It helped me get confident with JS and it is FREE!

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Hi @SlipperyBrick , thank you very much for replying with your advice! Sadly, I don’t really feel comfortable with JavaScript yet, even though I have finished the ultimate JS course and learned so many things, I feel like I know nothing at all! I have decided to start coding in JavaScript daily to get comfortable and then take TypeScript! The cost of the course is literally so cheap compared to what you get, plus I believe that it will not take so much time to learn TS if I have reached a good level of JS, am I right?

You are saving me so much time @Birgit ! I believe that I need something like this to practice JavaScript now! Thank you very very much for sharing it here!

For the purposes of taking the React18 courses, I think you’d be better off just going straight to learning TypeScript as it seems to have most of the fundamentals of Javascript but with a layer of sanity (e.g. type safety).

However, in terms of just learning a well-rounded set of skills for general web dev, then getting more experience in JS makes sense.

Thank you very much @djb160 for your reply! After so much google search your reply seems to be very accurate as well!