Anyone Intrested learning React with Typescript with me?

I am new to React and in Typescript anyone intrested to learn with me?

what Mosh have created in React Course ( Vidly App) acheiving the same thing but in Typescript in React

My Github if you like to contribute

I have gone so far but we can restart the project

2). Course is outdated, we ll work in latest version of react, react-router-dom etc

3). Will work with best practise like creating fork and issue will discuss on github

Why not work on a completely new project instead? You can maybe follow another React course from YT channels like JavaScript Mastery.

This way you will learn something new (coding practices, libraries, UI libraries, etc), add something else to the portfolio and also have the chance to pick up your preferred dependencies.

For instance, in my project from the aforementioned channel, I used React Query instead of Redux for API calls.

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