New React Course Available!

Hey guys! Due to a lot of requests, I created a brand new React course covering the latest tools and techniques for building modern applications with React and TypeScript.

The old course (Mastering React) will stay in library since there are many legacy React apps built with class components. Take the old course only if you have to maintain an older React project that was built with class-based components. For new projects, I encourage you to explore our latest React 18 course.


Good you made this course with typescript. I took the previous one and it is JS based.
It gives an extra incentive to go for that new one.


Hi Mosh, Super excited for your new react course!

I see that this new course is not able to be downloaded. I live in an area where internet access is harder to come by at times and downloading your courses has always been a big help to me.

Was wondering if and when this will be available for this course.

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are there plans to release stuff beyond “part1” of this course, and if so when?

Thanks Mosh, the new course and project looks great. Can’t wait to get stuck in

The download links below the videos seem to be missing?

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will these courses regularly be updated ?

they won’t

once you learn it, you will have to take care of that for yourself.

Thanks, I jsut joined it and hope i will participate in this forum.

when will React 18 part 2 advanced topics be released thanks would like to purchase it too thanks

The course description says the course is downloadable but I can’t find the download button anywhere.
Is this intended? I believe we should get what the description says and this is not the case

Mosh mentioned in his YouTube channel that this is an ongoing issue and will be resolved soon.
To confirm this you can look into his React Course video (YouTube) and in the comment section someone mentioned this issue where Mosh replied above info.
Look for comment with name: Myndale

I’m sorry about this. There’s a temporary issue we’re working on. The course will be downloadable later today or tomorrow.

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Absolutely! Part 2 will be out in late April or May.


The issue is resolved and all the videos are now downloadable! Thanks for your patience.


thank you, mosh. i’m finding for this answer

Does this course follow any professional real-world development workflows like a design pattern, test-driven development, etc?

Hi, advice please. Not long ago enrolled Old React course ( 25% completed). Is there a point to go ahead with old one? Or better to jump in to new one? Thanks :slight_smile:


If you have already purchased the old react course, just watch all the lectures and make notes of the concepts because you will have hard time to execute the code as the versions are outdated for node, react and other libraries used in the project.

Once you are through that course, new course will be a walk in a park for you.