Is Mosh working on updated React course?

Not really a question I believe anyone will be able to answer.
But I heard Mosh mention he would be working on an updated React course.

In the slim hopes that Mosh reads this forum or by sheer chance that anyone knows…

Is he working on an updated React course? And what is the timeline? :smiley:

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Somebody asked him the same question on Twitter and he said in 2 weeks time.

He also announced it this morning on YouTube. That video has since been taken down, but a new one is scheduled to launch tonight 7pm Melbourne time:

While I am happy that we now can enjoy the updated react course, I also have few concerns about the project content.
The project is very simple (just filters and a search box functionality wise and a dark mode feature which is a design feature).

This is the demo app url:

I hope he adds content in part II.
Otherwise this is a disappointing update. Vidly feels like way more advanced project than this.

I can’t see file upload feature (I hope he covers it in the course).

But let’s not judge already because the course is still not launched and we don’t know everything about it.

please, if i pay for the react course, does the payment cover for all parts?

That is unclear but I don’t think there is any bundle available yet which makes this course single and purchase will also be for single course.

However his older course is different from this new course (he stated that in his YouTube video (look into comment sections)). This means if you buy old course you will not have access to this course for free.

I just bought new course!

The project you’ve seen is intended for beginners. That’s what they’ll build at the end of part 1. In part 2, we’ll dive into advanced topics and implement additional features such as routing, authentication, global state management, etc.


Thank you for your support! I hope you’ll enjoy the new course.

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Thank you for the response Mosh.

I took your old React 16 course and learned a lot.

Few suggestions for Part II (and hopefully Part III):

  • Add React Testing

  • Add file uploads feature in the application (if possible). I don’t know why it was left out in the old course as well.

  • SEO (server side rendering)

  • React Suspense

  • React Concurrent Mode

  • React Server Components

  • React Design Patterns

  • React Hooks (I believe this will be covered in depth in currently available new React course. I just haven’t managed to look into it fully).

I know it’s a lot to ask but covering these things in your ‘Ultimate React’ course will be a game changer for students as well. I already know these concepts but still I want to learn from you!

I really enjoy tech stuffs and your content has been superb to learn from.
Hope you will also create following courses:

  • New NodeJS (or at least update few sections in the old course)

  • System Design

  • Flutter

  • Dart

  • CI/CD related stuffs as well.

  • A lot more…

All the bests for creating cool stuffs!

Hey Maverick! Thanks for your feedback. I’ll do my best to include as much of the topics you requested in the second part. There’s no guarantee though as a lot goes behind the scenes when it comes to designing a course. But again, I appreciate your feedback and took notes!


Good morning Sir Mosh
Please give a bit of discount to the React 18 course to favor us even for a day or two please Sir