Mastering React course outdated

Hey all, just started with the mastering React course. I began to notice there are discrepancies with version in which the videos are recorded and the latest React 18. Hence certain stuffs are no longer supported or obsolete. This prompts me to go back and forth and adjust my code accordingly. Has anyone else faced the same issue? If so, what is the best workaround to overcome this? Will Mosh be updating this course with the latest framework?


He updated the Course to version 16.2.
So, concepts are similar but I agree that he should update the course to latest version.

You can share your issues here and we should be able to discuss and help each other.


I did the course by June 2021 and completed it.
Sure there are some issues here and there but we use our dev super power : Google and co (DuckDuckGo, Hello, Bing, Yahoo!, you name it)

Unfortunately I don’t think Mosh with do any update anytime soon.


I have the exact same issue. I can’t progress further than the third video as the version he is talking about is no longer supported and doesn’t give you the template. Please respond if you have found a solution, Thanks.

Hello, where can I find this updated version? Thanks in advance!

Mosh added a section “Advanced Topics” covering the new concepts (hooks, context,…). The previous >12h of videos remain unchanged.

Look for Advanced Topics, there he talks mostly about new features introduced in V16+ ; 'Functional Components and other new useful features..

Again, if you understand the class component concepts thoroughly, you will find that section easy.

I got a mail telling that Mosh will make a new React and System Design courses this year.


In 2023 we will have two courses:

  • System Design
  • ReactJS

I am not sure which will come first.


So is Mosh apparently.

We for sure all got that mail.


Now it seems the result may change as voted may not have been closed yet.



Did you just reply to say that “Even Mosh is not sure about which course will come first”???

I am really excited to see a new course from Mosh.

I don’t use twitter and really don’t know anything about his polls. And whichever course comes first, it’s a win win for me.

It came by mail. Likely we all got it. Now I don’t seem to have received the one he mentions about the day before.

yes, it came by email like you said before.

What is the point of saying that again?

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I’m so happy he is making a new course for React. I wonder if I can still be refunded for the React course or those that already purchased the course can get the new one for free. Not trying to get a free product just that I bought the React course when it was on sale, and it passed the 30 days as I was working on another course. Never would have guessed that it would be outdated.

If he adds new section to existing ReactJs course then we will get it for free but if he publishes it as new one, then we will have to buy.