Please update React course

I’ve been a big fan of Mosh’s for some time and took the React course before and recommended it to many people. Here I am in 2022 needing to learn React again and unfortunately the course seems to be years out of date. Mosh, please consider updating it.

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For what it is worth, this comes up regularly:

You can see many opinions on there. He did go back in 2020 and updated part of the course, but the main material is quite old.

I am not sure if or when Mosh would consider updating the whole course (ie.creating a whole new one rather than just adding some update videos to the old one). I am sure it is extremely time consuming which is why he has not done that already.

@programmingwithmosh (in case Mosh is willing to address this topic directly)

The gist I get is that React has changed considerably in the past several years and just patching the course is insufficient at this point. Those using the course are generally disappointed at how outdated it is.


I also see how time consuming it can be.
Also I don’t think one gets no value from the course in its current state. It will certainly ask for a personal investment though, but you can build from there.

I may be wrong but I am not sure the changes to React are so profound though.

The introduction to this article just confirm my point of view.

In my opinion, the latest feature that revolutionized the React Ecosystem was React Hooks, introduced in React 16.8 back in 2019. Since then, we have seen many versions being released. But without any major changes, what will happen in React 18? Let’s dig into the details.

Sure there are new things, but basically learning hooks is the biggest deal to date even if the React 18 will probably change that. It’s not that much difficult. The doc is clear enough and that’s how I learnt hooks.

Now I believe that if you go for learning hooks you already know enough to get a job. I did a technical interview where we mentioned my React experience and the dev understood I’m a junior and they were OK with it. Just don’t fall for that kind of ‘I need to know it all right now’ rabbit hole. It may cause you to underestimate yourself and lose sanity. Just accept you’re not an encyclopaedia and that learning takes time.

That’s my 50 cents on the matter. Now of course I’m not saying Mosh should not patch the course or make a new and there is no need for a new one. But rather that it is still fairly OK as is.

I am currently doing his course and I am at the end of section 7.
His course is STILL AMAZING. I am using ONLY function components, useState, useEffect and custom hooks. Everything works beautifly so far, I have no complains about the course!
And it is a great excercise to transform all of his class components to function comp. with hooks.

The course is still great and still worth its value

I’m doing the react native course and using the latest versions of everything everywhere. yes its a bit annoying and slower progress, but just like real work, you learn in real time, what the old way was, what the new way is, and what must change.
I can’t begin to imagine, what with over 40 different courses, the amount of dependencies that change over time. If I were him, I’d make a fresh course, because maintaining old courses seems like it would be incredibly time consuming.

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Yes. I would highly suggest Mosh update this course, particularly changing it to use functional components instead of traditional class-based components. Using functional components to build React applications has become the mainstream now. The traditional class approach can be covered briefly to let people understand the basic concepts behind React, but the course should quickly go on to use functional components for all its examples and exercises.