Is the React Course updated to 2022? or is it old one?

Hello Guys,

Is the React Course updated to 2022? or is it old one ?

Depends on which course you mean and how “updated” you need.

Mosh claims to have updated the Mastering React course in January 2020:

The course just got updated in January 2020. It now includes React hooks and context!

If there are significant changes since early 2020, I would not expect them to be in the current course curriculum.

If you meant the React Native courses, I cannot find a definitive answer for when they were last updated.


I did take that course. It is sure not up to date but it does the job of introducing you to the language enough to complete a software.

The main thing you’ll need to learn is hooks. There is an introductory topic on hooks in it. The main hooks such as useState() and useEffect() are covered.
But you’ll still need to learn further.

Would you say it is up-to-date as of January 2020 or did Mosh just add some extra videos to cover new stuff (like the basic hooks stuff)?

Presumably Mosh is teaching the basics about hooks, but you are saying there are many additional hooks that can be used, correct? Any advice for students where they can learn more?

Yes there is an introductory chapter on hooks in Mosh’s course and I believe it is sufficient.
Then I learned from the official documentation.

I don’t think you need to know them all and I’d focus on what I really need.

There are new hooks introduced in v18 I do not know yet. I don’t think they’ll come in handy for my personal needs.

So basically, useState, useEffect are enough. useMemo and useCallback for performance i needs be (avoid reprocessing anything if it didn’t change - but I think Mosh did explain that).

Know custom hooks can be handy too.

There are external libraries that present themselves in the form of hooks such as useForm.
Edit : I just answered a question earlier about React Router v6 and I forgot it uses hooks too. I used it once on a new fiddle project but I’m still using the old version on my own project for now.

Overall should a hook not be understood well I’d lookup extra info.
I know some french spoken content. Not sure it is interesting for most people here otherwise Grafikart :fr: has cool explanatory videos.

Addendum : I have personal notes about a few hooks. It is a React app so you can try them and play around.

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