Mosh Please Update React Course

Hey, today I just enrolled in React course and watched around 15%. But this course is using class components everywhere. on the other hand, after the release of hooks world has shifted towards function components. So it seems outdated, It is my request to Mosh please update this course completely as soon as possible or at least provide an estimated date when we can see an updated react course.

I want to learn react from you because your teaching style is best all over the programming world.


I too love Mosh’s teaching, would love to see an updated React course. I’m not spending weeks on going through a course, only having to watch another one. (My time is way too valuable).

Im trying to learn react too and already purchased his course. I don’t want to take it if its outdated already. I prefer to learn from mosh though so I’m not sure what to do.

The last section (Advanced Topics) is all your new hooks and function components.

I expect that I will be maintaining some older React code in my future, so it can only help to learn class components. And as Ruu said above, the new hooks and function components are in the last section - so that’s great! Mosh’s teaching style is so much better than anything else I’ve seen, I just feel lucky to have stumbled on his site!

I finished the course. There is a topic by the end that introduce you to hooks.
The course starts from the basics which it rightfully does. You need to know the basics.

Then you will be introduced to stateless functional components to finally get a bit about hooks.

I personally still code with class components on my own project now, but should I meet sfc or hooks I understand them thanks to this course.

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I HOPE MOsh will update React course with advanced topics, It was pretty difficult to work vildy api node backend, everything facing issue.

Does it stand to reason that if you are taking the class - it means you may not be an expert with react - which would mean that even if he started with classes you would still have to understand it before moving to hooks. You sound like the type of guy that want to bench 500lbs before you can be 100lbs. Work your way to it

I agree on the classes. As soon as i saw that the course uses classes that was a turn off. Yes, i do appreciate that there may be many applications using classes but this does not appear to be the future but rather functional programming. And, yes, you could go through the course constantly thinking ok this is how i would do it using functions, but why?

I would like to see this course using functions but meanwhile, there are several other courses that do, so, i will excuse myself from this “class”.

HI @programmingwithmosh Kindly please update reactjs course.