Outdated Courses Alternatives

Hello coding community. At the moment I’m learning Javascript and I would really like to become a front end developer. I’ve seen topics where some members have stated that there are some outdated courses. I and future members would really appreciate it if anyone could state the ones that are outdated so we could avoid them and find different sources to them. Also if you have any alternatives to those outdated courses. Thank you so much!

In my experience Mosh doesn’t update his courses. Luckily, though, the takeaways such as coding practices still remain valid.

I hope he updates the node.js and React.js courses.

Regarding the alternatives, I can’t recommend any. The instructors others recommend seem boring to me. I’d rather watch YouTube videos to learn than take those unconnected 30+ hour courses.

Same here. Tried ton other courses, but nothing is more engaging, easy to digest and just interesting that Mosh…

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The courses are not really outdated. It’s just that some function signatures changed over the years, but the concepts taught are valid.

For react, there are no plans to deprecate class components, Mosh added the advanced section covering hooks, so it got updated and is also still a valid and great course.

I agree that most of the concepts are still valid but the hooks haven’t been covered properly in the React.js course.

I’d love Mosh to re-do at least one section of the course with hook, custom hooks, etc.