Outdated courses

Mosh, love your teaching style, so much that I renewed my All-access subscription even when I was too busy to be making regular use of it. Indeed over the years I have chucked a good few hundred dollars into CodeWithMosh and been happy to recommend it to friends and colleagues both personally and on social media.
Now when I return and REALLY need to learn React, I find the course is unusable because so much has changed and running the old specified version of the modules causes other problems.
When can we expect updated courses for React , Mongo and the others?


I’ve done 10 of them – all of them are still relevant to my current work:
HTML/CSS – Awesome. Learned how to use Flexbox (Finally)
Git – Now I know how to branch… and WHY! SUPER VALUABLE COURSE in the real world!
Docker – Use it every day to build and package work into GCP
JavaScript – Stopped me from using “var” all the time and I can now write functions that don’t suck (which then led me to HackerRank and Codewars to make my JS even better)
Node – I got stuck at the Mongoose HTTP and MongoDB changes to Atlas. But After a week of troubleshooting, I figured out HOW to refactor my code and make it work. That taught me a HUGE skill that I use every day in the real world.
React – Fantastic course for jumping into the React world. It got me started… and that’s all I needed to do.

Hard to abandon courses that are EVERGREEN! All of them are relevant, useful, and effective. Yes, Mosh needs to revisit some of them and tweak the parts that people struggle with.

But a waste of money? Not a chance.
I got way more than I paid for out of these courses.



I must both agree and disagree.
There is no carved in stone answer for such situations.

On the one hand we pay for courses and we are in a good right to expect to go smoothly through the courses without too much issues.

On the other hand in “real world scenario” (Copyright © anytime to Moshfeg Hamedani :wink:), we will be facing tons of issues we have to solve on our own.

In the specific context of learning though, you should not be struggling (too much) with side concerns such as environment setup for the course should provide a valid solution. You’re here to learn a specific technology in the best possible conditions.

When a company pays for training their employees, the trainers are also often called facilitators for a reason. They are not paid to tell employees “That’s on you”. Mosh and serious trainers have exercices to make people work on their own, but this is still related to the technology learnt.

I actually took Mosh course because I had given up on another course where the back-end is also outdated and it was too much to deal with in a short time span. It wasn’t without trying. This is a good point. We have no time to learn all we’d need to learn to solve every problem.

That said, I’m also taking the React course right now. I don’t know where the author is blocked, but I had issues with setting up the Node.js back-end for it is outdated. But with a bit of efforts and research it is fixable. I actually did not follow Mosh instructions on specific versions all the time because many of these packages are so old they have high or critical severity issues. Works.

I can tell you I installed the Node back-end on this course. I just started with the authentication section and so far it works. It is a matter of installing a few packages and reinstalling bcrypt package to its latest version.

I also took other outdated courses from Mosh such as Xamarin and ASP .Net MVC. I had some issues on both. I fixed them by a bit of research. Oh how happy I was to fix that issue because Visual Studio templates are now so different that Identity individual accounts is no more the default setting. And there is no simple way to add the functionality to the project. :slightly_smiling_face:

The thing has probably to do with how comfortable are you in the environment provided (though I have no knowledge of Node.js yet still managed), what the problem is (this one was fairly simple) and how many (good) answers you could find.

I’m definitely not against fixing issues on outdated courses but there’s also a limit to it.

Once again, there is no carved in stone answer for such situations.

Kind Regards

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I finished the react course last month and after buying another course, which is updated, I noticed, that Mastering React is really abandoned and it is not valuable anymore, unless it goes under great updates, caz for instance Mosh taught and focused heavily on using class-based component and life cycle hooks, which nobody use them anymore after react version 16 came into market and made developing with React more pleasant and less complex and more efficient and current React developer will code using hooks and functional components.

Another point is, that project implemented in his Mastering React course has almost no styling , for instance when you click on one title in the table of results, all neighbouring elements will shake and move a bit, so at least some css code should have been written and taught to solve these problems, which I experienced in new course I bought. I know, that it is React course and not css html5 course, but if you look at other materials available, especially the ones, that are project based courses, you will see, that authors pay attention to every aspects of projects being implemented, even if you get css+html course, author will code and teach javascript sometimes to make great results ultimately.

I read in this forum few threads claiming, that huge updates takes time and not possible, to my opinion it is funny excuse, caz if somebody decides to produce teaching materials in IT flied specially programming which is wildly updated, he/she should think twice and be prepared to be extremely flexible and gives update materials as often as needed, before his product gets outdated, unless trainer do not care about impact and quality of his/her materials on learners…I know that Mosh added a new short chapter, that briefly introduced hooks and other new features but unfortunately it is not helpful at all and not deep enough, so that students can learn and being able to use them in theirs codes…the approach and focus of this course and all implementation using class-based components should be shifted towards hooks and functional components plus other new features introduced in meanwhile, this means a real update !

Other negative point is, that trainer should be himself available to answer questions when raised. Forum is helpful but it is the sole responsibility of teacher in the first place to help students and solving issues related to his/her course materials, so that is why few authors leave Udemy and other e-learning platforms and publish materials on their own websites like Mosh does.

Lets talk about positive aspects of Mastering React: focusing on Refactoring by Mosh is a great positive points, caz IT companies are sensitive about these skills, although in my new course teacher also refactors regularly and when needed, but I found out, that Mosh pays more attention than average on this skills, which is also very important. Another positive aspect of Mastering react is Mosh’s style of teaching and explaining, which is great and keeps you watching and writing the code.


Perhaps, but when I purchase a course I expect it to be current. Or have a label tagging it outdated.

If you are a novice to the technology stack and the very first exercise/example does not work, then yes, it was a waste of money. There is a thread pointing to Snowpack as a solution to some of the problems with the Master React course - so that is a separate task which you have to undertake without any assistance. The is the point, these courses are supposed to “assistant” you, not give you headaches that you are not skilled to resolve. I was looking for GIT and Docker courses but now I have serious doubts about the quality of Mosh material. He is either unaware of these problems or he does not care - the forum is full of disgruntled students. Sorry to jump on your post like this - I have been disappointed twice now, the Angular course was the same deal and now the “Master React” course. I just hope that Mosh will revise these courses before he releases any new offerings. It is a quality control issue, you cannot release products that do not work - this is a basic tenet in the software industry.

What was the course you completed?

Mastering React, dude

hm you experienced the same headache as I did…what is in meanwhile clear to me is, that Mosh currently just focuses on tracking the hypes of market and and releasing new courses and ignoring to keep already released ones up to date …that is unfortunately the reality !

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I decided to bloodymindedly work my way through the Mastering React course. I uninstalled Node and removed all trace of it from my machine. I then installed NVM - so that I could have different versions of Node (…etc) in future projects. I then installed the LTS version of Node. Side note: I had a look at Snowpack but decided the code/projects it generates looked too different to what Mosh was teaching. With the LTS Node approach when you do the first exercise, the App component gets generated as a function as opposed to a class (in Mosh’s code). I then discovered that this “function code” can easily be refactored to “class code” AND it works without any further adjustments. Not sure if the rest of the code adjustments will be that easy - I have been too busy to take things further. I know this will be a long hard struggle. If anyone has tips on how to make the code in this course work in the LTS versions of Node and React, it would be much appreciated.

Hello everyone.

I started learning JS about a month ago and I love the way Mosh explains concepts.

Now, since I’ve been reading in a lot of forums/facebook groups that Mosh’s courses are outdated, I am wondering if it still makes sense FOR ME to buy the all-access subscription. I’m a total beginner, so I think I wouldn’t even notice if some parts of the courses are outdated.

My goal is to become a front end devoloper and get a job in the next 12-18 months (full time learning).

I suppose I will need couple of months to finish the JS course and then go on with Mastering React (which also has been matter of discussion for being not up to date).

So should I buy the all-access subscription or not? Many thanks in advance for your help!