I will recommend not to buy React Course of Mosh

Hi, I have directly addressed my issues associated with react version and installation to a given email address 3 times and tweeted directly to Mosh but never heard back. If would be related to buying new course–an immediate response would have followed but for those who already invested would never hear back. I bought yearly package of all courses and two courses separately. Extremely disappointed!

Also posted my queries in the forum and it was never solved.

I am thinking to write a review about it on blog and other social media posts.

Very sorry to hear you had a poor experience @ayub. @codewithmosh - perhaps you can help out here?

Hi @ayub,

So sorry to hear you’re disappointed. Unfortunately we don’t have a technical support team for our courses. If you’re unsatisfied though, we offer a 30-day refund window which you can request at support@codewithmosh.com.

This is not the solution, why are you not updating the course and selling old course?
It is very difficult for any beginner to fix glitches of old and new ! Instead update the course. Similarly other courses (besides React). @codewithmosh

the course is designed for beginners, spending so much time on understanding lecture and then more than that finding gaps between old version and newer version.