React course is outdated (New Course Available)

I finished the react course last month and after buying another course, which is updated, I noticed, that Mastering React is really abandoned and it is not valuable anymore, unless it goes under great updates, caz for instance Mosh taught and focused heavily on using class-based component and life cycle hooks, which nobody use them anymore after react version 16 came into market and made developing with React more pleasant and less complex and more efficient and current React developer will code using hooks and functional components.

Another point is, that project implemented in his Mastering React course has almost no styling , for instance when you click on one title in the table of results, all neighboring elements will shake and move a bit, so at least some css code should have been written and taught to solve these problems, which I experienced in new course I bought. I know, that it is React course and not css html5 course, but if you look at other materials available, especially the ones, that are project based courses, you will see, that authors pay attention to every aspects of projects being implemented, even if you get css+html course, author will code and teach javascript sometimes to make great results ultimately.

I read in this forum few threads claiming, that huge updates takes time and not possible, to my opinion it is funny excuse, caz if somebody decides to produce teaching materials in IT flied specially programming which is wildly updated, he/she should think twice and be prepared to be extremely flexible and gives update materials as often as needed, before his product gets outdated, unless trainer do not care about impact and quality of his/her materials on learners…I know that Mosh added a new short chapter, that briefly introduced hooks and other new features but unfortunately it is not helpful at all and not deep enough, so that students can learn and being able to use them in theirs codes…the approach and focus of this course and all implementation using class-based components should be shifted towards hooks and functional components plus other new features introduced in meanwhile, this means a real update !

Other negative point is, that trainer should be himself available to answer questions when raised. Forum is helpful but it is the sole responsibility of teacher in the first place to help students and solving issues related to his/her course materials, so that is why few authors leave Udemy and other e-learning platforms and publish materials on their own websites like Mosh does.

Lets talk about positive aspects of Mastering React: focusing on Refactoring by Mosh is a great positive points, caz IT companies are sensitive about these skills, although in my new course teacher also refactors regularly and when needed, but I found out, that Mosh pays more attention than average on this skills, which is also very important. Another positive aspect of Mastering react is Mosh’s style of teaching and explaining, which is great and keeps you watching and writing the code.


That is absolutely true. I am currently taking the node course and the mongoDB section is out of date. The author should constantly be updating the course. sometimes it sucks when you run your program and dive into errors.


Having done two other courses from Mosh, I’m disappointed with his React video. The node download he used is out of date. This has caused too many errors to get the results that he is teaching. I’m looking for a new React tutorial. Does anyone have suggestions?

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I took Mosh’s course and I’m currently developing my own project using React functional components. I found it helpful to learn about class based components and then functional components in the last chapter. While the main part of the course uses class components, it’s mostly teaching you how React works (updating the state, combining components, etc). This knowledge is transferrable to functional components.

It would be great if Mosh did an updated course with functional components, but I’m not disappointed having taken this one since Mosh is such a good instructor and I gained the knowledge of class components as well.


I am sorry I purchased courses from Mosh, what a wanted of money. You know, he started good, but if you can keep the materials up to date you should stop selling courses and refund peoples money. You cannot be a technology leader if post outdated crap.


Has anyone recently successfully getting a course refunded?
It is really annoying to keep receiving the course ads email but cannot receive response from mosh for refund request(s).

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Well, i can only agree. AND ON TOP OF THAT, if you are planning to start the docker course, be prepared to troubleshoot A LOT OF THINGS. Many things are not accurate. To make things worse, I did the docker course in a linux machine, which it should have had not problems at all, so i can‘t imagine someone trying it in windows or even on macOS, which runs a VM in the background to launch docker. I sent Mosh many emails, but i don‘t get any reply from him. Apparently he doesn‘t care at all. So I decided to just stop my subscription. I bet the Django course will the same trash as the others that he is released.


good luck trying to get it refunded. Mosh doesn‘t even reply to emails, and when he DOES, it‘s a f* standard email that he prepared to send it masssively to people who complain.

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That’s simply not true. They respond quite fast to valid requests (subscription issues, refunds, missing downloads, defective videos,…). The contact adresses are explicitly not for individual questions regarding the course contents. You can’t expect to get a personal trainer for such low prices.


I just got a confirmation email from mosh regarding my refund request.
This proves that there was no issue with my communication means.
It was rather slow but maybe just because there was a temporary issue with their system.

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not true for you then!!! be thankful, you are probably an exception.


It’s still the best one. He has not used new features like react hooks in the beginning, but later he has uploaded a whole new section of new features in react including hooks. You can learn these new techniques of writing react apps and implement them on your own. The way of writing proper, clean, and maintainable react code is best explained by Mosh.
He teaches great refactoring techniques there like building reusable React components. These are the skills you should actually learn. You should focus more on implementing what you’ve learned, replacing the old approach with a new industry approach. This is what makes you a better developer.


Hi, the very first exercise in the Master React course failed to run. I am a total novice with this technology stack. Having read the posts above there seems to be a lot of expertise in the group of respondents. Can anyone tell me how to make this course work? Buying another course is not an option for me - given my limited budget. I had a similar experience with his Angular course - though with that one the stopping errors started halfway through the course. Dealing with breaking changes in the library is in itself builds valuable knowledge and builds a deeper understanding of the library.

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dont waste your time and money,if you have just began this course…focus instead on up to date courses either in youtube or udemy

what would u suggest?

Although the course is outdated but to find another course is not easy. The other courses span more than 15 hours, which is beyond what I would like or even manage to do.

Fortunately, the basic concepts remain the same and you can spend a few hours learning functional components (which will still take you less than 30 hours, which is the usual length of most other courses).

I just bought the mastering react course yesterday also and it is indeed outdate , I had to figure it out myself how to run the application and he does not stick to one project when teaching on this react course , there is 3 projects that you have to continue to work on instead of developing an application to the end he keeps on switching between these projects and it is so confusing for a beginner.

We should all send the author an email to inform him about the outdated course

Will you recommend any React JS updated course ?
I’m very interested.
Thank you !

It’s a bit harsh to say Mosh should be giving refunds for not keeping the course up to date. It still took me from not knowing what React was, to having a solid understanding of the basics and knowing enough to know what I needed to learn next.

I do think, though, that there should be some information available which states when the course was recorded. There’s literally nothing, other than the version of React he installs right at the start, that gives any indication of when this course was produced. So I can understand being annoyed if you’re expecting it to be really up to date. This should be a requirement on all courses tbh: “These lectures were recorded on DATE using VERSION”, so that you can look up that version and find out how outdated it is before buying (I do the monthly subscription to all courses, so I wasn’t as disappointed as people who specifically bough this course might’ve been).