This course is outdated! find another course

If you’ve recently paid for this course and are reading this post. Ask for your money back and find a better up-to-date course.

You will be wasting your time otherwise.

This course hasn’t been updated since 2018, and when you get to the section that deals with MongoDB, you will encounter a big headache.

For all the people who will recommend looking for solutions online: If you’re paying for a course, you shouldn’t have to do this. Period.


I think this should be raised to Mosh and agree on this point. Though I find the concepts taught by Mosh way more fundamental. I would think Mosh will update this at some point?

What specific issues have you been encountering?

Everything goes really fast forward and tech develops todays Node will be outdated in 2023 as well. That is how it is.


@Markeesi No matter how fundamental the concepts are, if the code doesn’t work as explained in the video, then students—many of whom are beginners—are left in the dark and stuck in their progress.

Also, there are many outdated concepts here e.g., installing MongoDB locally when we can use Atlas, using mongoose when mongoDB has its own legit client now, etc.

Again, the purpose of paying for a course, as opposed to watching free videos on youtube, is to prevent yourself from dealing with these types of issues in the first place.


Yes, it needs an update – but I completely disagree with “ask for your money back and find a better up-to-date course.” I’ve done them all and Mosh is 10x the others. Period.

Now, it’s time for a reality check: If you want to turn React and Node into a high-end skill – a skill you’re going to base a career on?? Then you’re going to need to know how to troubleshoot! Not later when you get a job but NOW!

Mosh is only going to get you to the water… YOU have to drink! And by drinking, YOU need to dig into the logs, understand the errors, know what changed in the dependencies, learn how to develop a workaround, and MOVE FORWARD!!

I figured out all the bugs using Google Search and reading. If I can do that, you can too!
Remember, this is REAL LIFE! Nobody in your next job is going to show you the answer as Mosh does. Nobody! If you can’t troubleshoot, you’re going to get fired. So learn now…

Everyone wants to eat… FEW WILL HUNT!! Be a hunter.


Completely agree . There were some issues with the versions of dependencies used throughout the course , but the js concepts taught are 1st class. There is no question about asking any kind of refund. I completely agree that for most of people the debugging ponts are the ones that will help you learn the most. Other than that anyone can code along.

BTW , i have reached the point of deploying in heroku and cloud mongo. , the very last chapter . I clearly have an issue with the connection string, custom-environmental-variables and heroku config:set. I have spend a whole day and tried a few suggested solutions out there, with no success . Any Ideas?

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Hey @george.a.alexopoulos

I haven’t yet gotten to that deployment part yet, however I wanted to deploy something in a different environment Windows server so I checked how to do this. So I don’t know how to help you regarding Heroku + MongoDB Cloud. You might find some alternative way to deploy your Node app.

I’m with @gagglepod there are stuff that you just need to google and find other ways to do. The courses or course are just a reference in your journey to do what you want to do. I also have been doing this course in my own way of changing the App to something related to closer to my own neck of the woods.

This develops your learning and gets you out of tutorial purgatory which is a real problem for me.

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No worries, I did it. all good. Let me know if you need a hint .

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This was resolved. Minor bugs in the package.json and some updates to the right versions of dependencies and all worked out perfectly. great course. I am going for the react one now, hopefully it is going to be as quality as this one.

The quality of the teaching on the React course is, as ever with Mosh, truly excellent. Sadly the content is well out-dated now. It CAN be worked around but its not easy and with React16 out now, some stuff is simply wrong/unnecessary. Regretfully I cannot recommend the React course now.

I really hope Mosh can do a new React course from scratch. I know this is easy for me to say…

@southside Can you recommend another course if this React course is not up to date? I’m thinking starting with Mosh’s one and then take refresher with someone else? Any other good ones out there?

I’m new to this forums, but have been completing a number of Mosh courses.
Appreciate not ideal that they’re not all completely up-to-date, but personally, I enjoy the challenge of taking older course material and redoing with more modern methods.

Mosh is extremely good at explaining the principles and why we do things.

I’m currently working through the React course and TBH I’m finding it ok. I will then take the project work and update it to functions and hooks.
There’s some useful articles here in the blog section that will get you started:
5 React Best Practices To Learn In 2020 - Programming with Mosh
I will also do some googling around and pick up on what else is needed, as that is what us developers have to do.

In terms of alternative courses to Mosh?
I’d be interested to understand as well.
I have spent time looking at several other React courses online both paid and unpaid, and not found anything close to the quality of Mosh.


Can anyone please tell me how to return a course on code with mosh

Only just started but I like “React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux)” by Academind/Maximilian Schwarzmüller on Udemy.

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Despite my earlier complaints, I really have to echo this. If only it was a little simpler to get all the dependencies correct for the React course , I 'd be delighted.
Oh and the new features that came with v16, of course :slight_smile:
On the whole Im still a happy Mosh customer

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HOC, hooks and context are covered.

I also would like to know about the refund procedure.

I’m pretty sure if he gets enough feedback on this he will respond to it. Mosh usually sends out questionaire’s and feedback forms. That is where you need to address this. I just bought the Docker course and Maximillian Scharzmüller’s updated React course but still plan to do Mosh’s React course. Cause I find whatever he teaches regardless if it is a little outdated explains things a lot better. I’m just finding myself in a little time pickle to allocate this to my already busy schedule of late.

can you recommend any alternative uptodate nodejs course ?

Has mosh recently updated any of his existing courses?

I recommend going through his course because it teaches a lot of essentials, and then I moved onto this course:

The problem with this other course is that he moves WAY faster than Mosh, and also requires you know Javascript.

They compliment each other very well.

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