Node.js outdated?


I read on udemy that the node.js course is outdated.
I know Mosh teaches the fundamentals but is this not a problem if node.js is outdated or did it not change much?

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No Node.js course of mosh is not outdated!

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On udemy too it is not outdated

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He uses node.js 8 and node.js is now already at version 16

In my opinion it is ok to take the course in 8 and then learn the changes on your own. This is something you will always have to do when there are changes so it’s good to learn how to upgrade on your own.

Despite that I think he should add a section that teaches this concept and how to research the changes.

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The fundamentals of node have not been changed yet

node keeps upgrading itself but it never changes the core concepts

90% of what u learn in this course is not outdated!

ya but recently node has released the fetch API. which u have to learn on ur own by looking at the documentation

if u have finished node course i highly encourage you to take the react course to land a job as a full stack developer

happy coding!

Sorry Karu but that is not the case. This course was created from 2018 and you can see dates in the course to show this. That said, most of it is NOT outdated, but some parts are. I am only half way through the codewithmosh/nodejs course but have posted several issues/updates. Not sure if this is same as udemy course but on his own site, there are some outdated issues. Nothing major so far and nothing I havent been able to find a solution for. Not nearly as outdated as some other courses!

i need subtitle for this course

dont worry i am watching the course on his website and i also have the same problem

I took node course and updated to latest versions on my own without any problem.
Just try and search for solutions in case you ran into issues.

Post issues here and I am sure most of students on this platform will help you.

Good Luck