React js Update

Im new to react and found out that react.js course of is still using class components, will mosh updated it? Because most companies nowadays uses hooks and functional components, Thanks!.

Yes, mosh updated the react course recently and added hooks and higher order components as an 1 hour advance topic at the end of the course.


I have taken React Native at Coding with Mosh, but I haven’t taken React before. Is it still worth taking React here since everything is written in class component?

React isn’t all about class component there are major topics and subjects that you need to know to fully understand what is react all about and lot’s of other tips that you’ll learn through out the course.

Are you familiar with hooks and functional programming ?

That makes sense.

Yes. They are both covered in Mosh’s React Native course, and I have taken those.

Very good, but as i mentioned before there are lot’s of subject and topics.
You need to learn all the necessary information in depth so you could fully understand react .

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I really hope Mosh can have a update with the whole React course.

Spending so much time trying to figure out how to use this and props in the first few sections but people don’t even use it anymore.

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The course has over thirteen hours of pure video time. Do you have any idea how much work it is to plan such a course, to create all the beautiful visualizations, to record the videos, to postprocess them,…? And would you want to redo all this work over and over again each time a new version of React is released?

Mosh did update the course with a section covering HOC, hooks and Context.

IMHO we would just need a text lecture in the Getting Started section telling new students how to deal with available newer versions, e.g. should they use the exact same version as used in the videos or can they safely follow along with the recent version.

To be a React developer you still need to know about class components and state management. A course omitting these concepts wouldn’t be complete. And I think you can only really understand hooks if you understand the underlying concepts.
And since when are props obsolete? Did I miss something?

Hi there, in my company, (quite big company) the class components are still used. Many projects are developed early used the elder version react. And in the real development case, sometimes readablity is chosen over briefness, the class components have very nice OOP pattern to understand. We need to understand both of them.


I’m taking this course today. I’m really new to programming.
I have some questions that I’d like to be answered in advance.
After watching this Advanced Topics, are we theoretically supposed to be able to rebuild the app using the latest version of React? because it seems that the latest version is very different from the one in this course (such as the syntax?).