Create-react-app 1.5.2 IS 5 years old

This review is specifically in reference to react.

I read several posts saying that this course was outdated, but I didn’t listen.

Well, I purchased a complete set of courses a couple of years ago, and hadn’t gotten to react until now, so my purchase decision was already made.

So I’m just letting everyone know. Even thou many things are the same in react, I am thinking that a more updated course is warranted.

In addition, Mosh jumps around in topics. He is showing something with some code in one video, and the next lesson he shows you different code example on a topic, but then jumps back to the previous code which I’ve already manipulated and lost. It makes it difficult for any code-along approach.

I’m about 1/3 a way through this course, and I’m abandoning it. I’m looking else where. My final decision was when I researched and found the react version he is using is 5 years old!


Sorry to hear that.
Now the thing is also you waited years to start a course and tech moves on. In the year (and half) I finished the course a few things have changed already. I read people having messages I did not met but make full sense for old features must be deprecated to leave room for a better option.

Should you change your mind:

  • Just go with the latest version. You will maybe meet problems but this is a good school to learn. I took the course last year. I’ve been there too.

  • Do you use GIT ? If possible this is a good idea. You then can track changes made in time and at all.

I’ve also been frustrated at times during the course but I am stubborn and could not give up. Just rest from this a few days and push forward would be my recommendation.

You should take the habit to try finding information about your met problems on the internet.


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Why complicate the learning process?

I found a 34 hour react course at udemy (for $19.99). I’m really enjoying it. When I get done with it, I’ll come back and over and try mosh again. I’m sure I’ll learn more by seeing some topics being repeated, and maybe learn something new. I don’t think any one course will teach you everything you need to know anyways.

I sent the following in an e-mail on November 28th.

"I’ve tried to start learning REACT however I can’t even get the indicated version of REACT installed.

The current version on my MAC are:

 ~/react  npm view react version

~/react  node -v

~/react  npm -v

I went into GITHUB and it jumps from V0.14.8 to v15.0.0 and up."

I’m waiting for a specific answer, other than being referred to the forum, which now I’m calling upon, to see if I can possibly start or need to revert to another course while having subscribed again for all the courses.

Version 1.5.2 vs 18 is steep and even though the course is given by a super instructor, you will fall short of catching the latest features, REACT has to offer.

I welcome any suggestion to be able to proceed.

Be brave. You’ll need it should you consider dev seriously.