TS/JS first or react?

Hi Everyone,

When it comes to learning front end web development, is it better to learn react.js first or javaScript/TypeScript?

Hey, I opened a similar post some days ago, I am new to this as well and some very cool guys suggested me to take the TypeScript course before React! I knew html/css at that time and I was finishing the JavaScript Part 2 course.

So, I followed this:

  1. JavaScript Part 1 & 2.
  2. JavaScript practice every single day
  3. TypeScript.
  4. TypeScript practice everyday (I was solving the JS exercises with TypeScript)
  5. React 18 with Typescript.

I am doing so good in React now and believe me, all guys in my post were right, TypeScript helps by a lot before taking the new React course! (assuming you have taken your JavaScript courses first and know html css).

Pay much attention to your JavaScript lessons! Believe me, this is important!

Do JS/TS first before doing the react course, you will save time in the long run and will be less confused.

Programming you need to have a solid foundation before you can do the more advanced things, walk before run!

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Hi Nikos,

Thanks for your response much appreciated!!

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Hi lucidlear,

Thanks for your response, really appreciate it!