Yearly Course Validation Process

As we all know some of these courses can be a little dated. There’s pros and cons to this.

Does anyone know if Mosh is considering something like a yearly validation of course content to make sure they don’t get too dated?

Using the Node.js course as an example, maybe Mosh checks to see if the higher level principles and architecture are still up to date with current best practices. Then having a few Mac, Linux, Windows members run through the course and note any “issues” for consideration.

These issues could form both a supporting guide and perhaps an updated video to cover any necessary workarounds. At some point if Mosh thinks there’s too many issues for a given course he can consider a complete course update.

This way each course could come with a known last validated check to give potential students more confidence going in, a bit more support as they age, as well as a mechanism to trigger to prevent a course becoming too outdated.

Any thought on this ?


I am not sure Mosh is going to do things this way. I know we is working on a new React course for instance. Which means he works mostly from scratch on producing a new content which will likely be a separate course from the one that exists already.

Should he do as you propose, it reminds me of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. Many of those struggling restaurants do because they have a too elaborated menu. So Mosh should make sure to cover less subjects to make such process viable in term of schedule.

I am myself loving variety in things so I wouldn’t want to narrow the topics I cover.

To meet half-ways we could pick a set of those courses he believes or know to be most popular and maintain those while other topics would be updated at a longer timespan.

He must also make sure it is viable money wise. I belong to people preferring to pay one time for courses. It is a better choice if he has enough pay as you go customers.

I do not expect he would go that way.


Excellent points - I wonder how many course actually need frequent revisioning. Like sure various relational SQL courses are fairly static.

Would be good to see something implemented to improve things a bit.