Are the courses maintained?

Just a quick question before I make a couple purchases. I plan on purchasing the Python Mastery Course and the HTML/CSS 3 pack. However, I was wondering when these courses were created and if they are being maintained or are out of date. I couldn’t find publication dates or dates of last modification.


I did take a few courses (mostly on Udemy) and many are outdated it’s true. Many people complain in here. On my end, it is mostly a non issue. I’m fine with doing the work to complete on my own.
That said it is understandable that one prefer any up to date course.

If you expect up to date courses, my guess is I look for the last update date to the python course. The cool thing on Udemy is you have a last updated information and you could tell for sure.
In the meantime I could find an article from Mosh about his python course. It seems it was released on 2019/02/18. I would say this might get in the way of you up to date learning. For HTML/CSS though, the technology is pretty simple and I don’t think one need an “up to date” course. You’ll spend time on MDN to complete anyways.

I did not buy any course from Kyle but I watch his YT videos and he is proficient and efficient so I like his content. You may check his videos maybe. He has a YT playlist.

Once you understand the basics I’d say you know enough to fly on your own.

Good luck.

Thanks for the reply! I really appreciate the insight. I have no idea what has changed in the world of Python over the past 4 years, but I am assuming some stuff has. I’ll delve deeper and see if I can find some difference, if not I’ll purchase the course.

Thank you again for your insight.

Python has not gone through many major version changes since the version Mosh was teaching with (python 3) so it’s mostly up-to-date. Some other ones like React have gone through extensive changes and the course is a bit too dated to be very useful to the average student.

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