New Courses Schedule?


I bought the All Access pass on the Black Friday sale.

Just wondering from those who have been here awhile how frequently Mosh releases a new course and also if there is any list anywhere on the new courses in development or coming for this next 12 months.

Thanks for your help!

AFAIK there’s no long term schedule. The next course that will soon be finished is Django Part 3.

On Twitter (@moshhamedani) Mosh asks for suggestions for new courses and does polls about which course we’d like to have next.

Hopefully we will first get Django Part 3! :wink:

Thanks for your replies.

So Django Part 3 is out. :man_dancing:

sadly, the launched courses doesnt have any updates over time.

is advanced python course a good idea?)))

You may want to get your money back. This site seems to not update their courses in a timely manner. You want to check out Udemy, and before you buy, see when the course was last updated. If has not been updated since 2020 or later do not consider it. The information is outdated. I wasted money on Moshes site to see the react courses have not been updated in a long while.

I can understand your point of view as it can be frustrating with outdated courses but at the same time, since things change so fast, I can sympathise that it would be a lot of work to keep all courses updated with such a wide range of courses.

I have purchased quite a few Udemy courses and always check when they were last updated as you have suggested.

I think as long as Mosh releases a few new courses over the next 12 months that I am interested in then I will get my money’s worth plus there are several existing courses where the current material will be suitable for my needs.

In my case I think I will get value for money, especially as I subscribed during the black Friday sale, and will let you know after 12 months. If I don’t then I won’t subscribe again.

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