About New Updated React Course

Hey team Mosh,
I have taken JavaScript fundamentals and OOP courses. I have sound knowledge thanks to our wonderful teacher MOSH SIR! Dying to do REACT, when will the NEW UPDATED REACT course be released? Please somebody answer to this. I am hoping to get a job soon! So, I need REACT…


Am certain that indeed Mr Mosh is doing his best to prepare for us that updated course, however its obviously him who who knows Owston when it will be released,
For the best from him, let’s not pressure him,

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Sure Harvel. Thanks for your reply

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3-4 months I guess

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As you are certain, are you preparing it with him or its an hunch?

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nahh it’s just a GUESS as you see his YT you will find the average time from the day he start’s the poll for new course and the day he launched

Thanks for the enlightenment