Subscription value to a newbie

Hi all,
I’m a relative newbie (at 43!) to coding and as part of my university course, we are learning Python, R and other subjects related to Data Science / AI / Machine Learning. I have done some of Mosh’s free YouTube courses and have found him easy and fun to learn from. I was wondering though if anybody on here could let me know whether they have found that the subscription to do the courses is worth it for them? I am wanting to get a good grounding of programming in general, but with a particular focus upon AI/ML applications.

I did contact the team through the contact page on the Coding with Mosh site to ask them if they could recommend relevant courses/content to me, but nobody has got back to me…I have looked through the forums and it seems that some people are saying that the course material is outdated and that there are problems with communication between the team and customers?

Any advice or feedback would be gratefully received!

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I think it really depends on the how and what you want to learn at this point. For instance the data structures and algorithm, design patterns, and git could be used across whatever discipline you are in. Other courses might be geared towards a type of development. So there is really something for everyone to add to their toolset here.

I personally don’t think you could go wrong with the courses I mentioned above. I would also pick up a simple Python book that included some projects, and start applying what you are learning as you go along.

Some people like to skip back and fourth through learning technologies, picking up small pieces and applying them immediately, for practical purposes. Others like to dive into one subject and learn it well beyond what these courses or any course will teach you. These courses are good starting points though. It really depends on your personality and way you like to do things.

Maybe try one course and if you start getting bored with it then look at another so you have some contrast. You might end up loving to do a single course at a time. I don’t think anyone here would be able to guide you better than yourself on that.

Best of luck!

Hi T,

Just sharing from my experience. I usually tend to learn whenever I pay a premium , well, may be that is not a healthy attitude.

So, going straight to the point, I took Mosh’s Django series course at his website. And to my utmost wonder, I implemented knowledge from the first part of his course (from what I absorbed in my brain) in one of my personal projects and completed the logic and I am only half way through the second part. Probably, that was one of the most WOW moments in my entire life, thanks to Mosh.

I would second that his teaching is very digestible. And I would also recommend you to take his course , but for now the one that best suits your needs.

best of luck