New here to coding :)

Hi, just come across mosh coding on YouTube
Done HTML in 1 hour video and WOW amazing. Really easy to get engage with.

Question is is the monthly unlimited subscription worth it or is it worth just buying the full HTML css course first? :grinning:

Hi, Jdlee
I can help you to do that.
Do you have discord or skype?
Please let me know.

Hey, just my own experience, but Mosh’s courses are packed with so much stuff that I think buying just one course is better if its on a discount and you’re starting out. I’d usually finish one of his courses in like 2-3 weeks, but grinding the courses back to back just got tiring and I needed breaks. Sometimes I’d take a month or two off to do my own personal projects and I’d be paying for that time.

But, if you really like him, then the yearly subscription works out if you like to jump between different topics a lot. That’s way easier to do once you have the fundamentals of one language down first. Also he’ll usually give a big discount for the yearly subscription around holidays.

He’s very worth it in my opinion though. I learned SQL, React (although his react course is a little outdated now), JavaScript, Git, and Data Structures from him so far and it sticks so well if you take good notes :slight_smile:


@alex.cisija Great stuff. Thank you

I think ill just stick with the HTML and css for now until i fully grasp the languages used


Help me do what sorry?

I can help you to learn development.
Please write your communication tool id here.
I prefer discord and skype

Pretty much why I’m not too much into subscriptions.
Now later on I might rather subscribe to Pluralsight. Mosh has courses there too apparently and there are other stuff too.

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