Html/css for beginner


I am a beginner trying to learn HTML, CSS, and JS. I watched Mosh’s 1 hr video on YouTube and I think I got the basic concepts as he made it beginner friendly. My question is, does it really worth it to pay for this course? I would like to know before enrolling. Also, on average, how long should I expect to complete the course and is outside sources necessary in order to fully understand the materials? ( outside sources as in, would i be required to do additional studies apart from this course in order to fully understand the ins and outs of HTML, CSS, and JS?


I can’t speak about the average part. I would have to know everyone that took the courses information to determine that. It really boils down to how much time you can put into learning these things and APPLY the concepts to things you would want to build. Watching videos and doing exercises is great but you need to apply what you are learning to something. It doesn’t have to start out complicated, and you can add features as you learn more.

I do think Mosh has very comprehensive courses. Do they show you every little nuance there is to imagine? No. The courses do leave you with solid foundations that can quickly be built upon. In short, the courses are highly worth it and a steal at the price they are being offered…imho.

Hope this helps and good luck with whatever path you end up taking. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much for your quick response! the HTML and CSS bundle does not include JS, although I know I can enroll in his JS as well but how important is JS in order to build a solid website?

Also, I really appreciate this comment " It really boils down to how much time you can put into learning these things and APPLY the concepts to things you would want to build" In regards to things I would want to build, I’m planning to build a dynamic, responsive, and an interactive website for my Uncle’s hotel in Nigeria. I’ve lived in the U.S for the past 7 yrs btw - I mentioned this because I wanted to say that I’ve seen really cool hotel websites and I think being able to give him something similar would mean a lot to him. My question is, how far should I go into this course before attempting to start this website? do you recommend finishing the course first and building off of that? I’m not on a time constraint or made any commitment to him as I perfectly understand that these are not skills one can just acquire overnight. I’m really sorry if these questions are dumb or simply unclear.

First off, I am extremely sorry for seeing this so late from when you replied. I hope you got some work on the hotel website project, seems like you have a very practical application to apply these skills to.

I do think Javascript is important to know but not all sites need them. You can create a vast number of web sites without Javascript at all. I would lean towards a programming language like javascript if you are needing to create features where the user dynamically interacts with the site, or the site needs to interact with some backend or api.

It all depends on what you are building. I would get a really good handle on css, for me it was and still is more tricky that any programming language that I have picked up.

Hello. I’m sure you know that HTML, CSS, and JS is for the front end. You mentioned making a website for your uncle’s hotel. That website would likely also have back end funcionality for things like reservations, booking, payments, coupons, tax & fee calculations, etc. So even if you spend a considerable amount of time learning HTML, CSS, and JS, that only solves part of the problem.

For something like that you might consider a visual page builder and WordPress. It doesn’t make you better at HTML, CSS, and JS but it could help to provide a great looking website with the back end functionality needed to run the hotel.

I started off wanting to learn HTML and CSS first, then the others in the front end stack, and eventually the back end. But I changed my strategy to learning Divi and WordPress, build a business on that, and then gradually learn the tech stack behind it. It really depends on what your goal is. If you want to get hired as a Front End Developer then digging right into HTML, CSS, JS, TypeScript, React, and Git is probably the way to go. And yes, I think Mosh’s courses are great and you will receive great value for the price.