What's next after HTML and CSS part 3?

I am planning to run a complete online website for my thesis. Can you help me what is next or your suggested course to start for backend developing? Your response is highly appreciated, thank you!

There’s a video at the beginning of Part 1 of the course in which Mosh discusses the roadmap for web development.

If you’re already familiar with those tools and languages then you could follow Mosh’s full stack recommendations


Oh I see, I forgot to take the screenshot of the roadmap. Thanks for the help bro!

One more thing, should I take the “Ultimate JavaScript Developer Bundle” from top-left to bottom-right? (Complete SQL Mastery to Angular 4?) Thank you!

I don’t think that’s the intended order. I would learn Javascript Parts 1 & 2, React, Node, SQL and then optionally Angular.


I appreciated your effort to reply in my queries. Salamat sa iyo! from the Philippines! :blue_heart:

I agree with this order.


Oh niceee. Thank youu so much! Ang babait ninyo! (Both of you are such a good person):grin: