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Please wanna make enquiries as a beginner with no knowledge of programming at all please what is the first course I can start with to begin my programming journey

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Hello, my friend,
It depends on what you’re trying to achieve.
What’s your goal?

If you want to make websites start with HTML/CSS, after that Javascript.
Next step is combination of above.

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Are you sure of that?
Isn’t it good to start with java or c++?
Because he hasn’t mention either front end or backend?

It all depends on what Icecoinz wants to develop.
If it’s web development in my opnion he should start with HTML, CSS and Javascript.
I think Python is more logical for something like machine learing.

I am also new, I would recommend the html series>java>react>git as mosh explains knowing these are important, also helps to understand how the web works.

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