Learning Git in the middle of Ultimate HTML5 and CSS3 Part 3 Course?

Hello I’ve made it to part 3 of the series and mosh mentioned Git, I installed it but had trouble setting it up I believe I did something wrong. Anyways my question is should I stop doing the course and go take Moshs Git course now, wait until after the course I’m currently on (Ultimate HTML and CSS), or take it in the order of the front-end path.

The reason I ask is because mosh mentions updating the repository many times and I feel its something I should be doing but right now I want to focus just on this course. Thoughts and comments would be appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

Hello, what did you decide to do? I’m only in Part 1 of the series right now. My thinking would be to not worry about Git right now since it is estimated to take two weeks to learn it in the Git course. Or, at the very least just to use a visual UI like SourceTree for now.