What kind of website accomplished on HTML/CSS Course

Hi everyone, I would like to ask what website did mosh develop on his course about HTML/CSS ?

I would love to enroll for the next couple of weeks, I want some feedback or review about it

At this time, I am in the middle of the html css course because I was interested in other topics now bak-tracking to fundamentals. Mosh lectures on html/css are about how to configure web sites and are bundled in 3 courses. I have taken many of his courses and they are well thought out and detailed so there is a lot of work to keep your information database complete so that you can reference the material. There are a lot of videos and probably would be even more effort to revisit them. I maintain his courses in Word and Google docs, otherwise I would be lost. You should be able to build a good website once you complete the series.

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The website was moshified: https://www.moshified.com/

thankyou @kdc100 for your feedback. Imma take all of his html/css courses /series !

last question, is there any projects or portfolio that will be creating on html/css series/course?

no but the thing is that mosh teaches enough in this course that you will be able to create your own websites and portfolios confidently