While installing Node.js, McAfee blocks my Chocolatey installation

Hi Forum,

I know this does not belong to a specific course but I’m facing a weird issue.

My McAfee anti-virus blocks the installation of Chocolatey package manager everytime I try to install Node.js.

I’m assuming (after 1.5 days of debugging) that this is eventually causing me problems while following Next.js Part-1 course as I cannot run the command: $npx prisma migrate dev

I’m not able to connect to MySQL Server though it’s definitely running and listening at port 3306 as I checked on command line.

C:\Users\manuk>netstat -an | find "3306"
  TCP               LISTENING
  TCP              LISTENING
  TCP    [::]:3306              [::]:0                 LISTENING
  TCP    [::]:33060             [::]:0                 LISTENING
  TCP    [::1]:3306             [::1]:55648            ESTABLISHED
  TCP    [::1]:55648            [::1]:3306             ESTABLISHED

I already excluded node.js’ .msi installer in McAfee’s Real-time scanning which node.js’ installation but not Chocolatey’s.

Under the hood, it’s needed.

Anyone has any solution?

It’s been so frustrating to be stuck at this issue for 1.5 days when you already have scant time.