Problems with node js

Hi guys, how do i find node.js? i have downloaded the file but can’t find it in downloads. Also, have the icon on the file but it keeps asking me to install it, and so i did a couple of times but can’t find anything. I’m using mac btw and there is nothing in finder or any other place. please let me know if you came across a similar issue, thanks

Have you installed it? or you just can’t find the setup ?

yes i did multiple times, every time i am trying to open the node icon on the deskot it keeps asking me to install the file which i did several times :frowning:

the below message is popping when after each installation:

“This package has installed:
• Node.js v15.1.0 to /usr/local/bin/node
• npm v7.0.8 to /usr/local/bin/npm
Make sure that /usr/local/bin is in your $PATH.”

i think i may found it but have encountered another problem,
the terminal does not find the command
this message is keep popping up
same message with my full. name is popping up and zhs
i am not familiar with computers and am complately lost and panicked as i can’t do the work, can anyone help me please to solve this issue

Uninstall node and install it again but this time make sure to click this icon :

so this will add this address => /usr/local/bin/node to environment variable.

And if didn’t work you have to do it manually unfortunately i don’t know how you should do it on mac because i’m using windows but remember GOOGLE is your best friend from now on so you better search it and find out the solution :slightly_smiling_face:

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