Calling Backend Services-Installing MongoDB

Hello everyone, I’m having a hard time following through with React course from this lecture. Everything has changed dramatically. I have no idea how to continue with the rest of the course.
I followed the way Mosh showed in the video to install mongoDB. However, I failed…
Does anyone know how to successfully install mongoDB now?

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can you be more specific about your problem, if u really want some help?

Hi. I don’t know about your problem. But I will describe my situation.
On Windows. After ``'npm i there was an error.
I’ve found that bcrypt wasn’t installed. Probably cause my Node.js is version 14.15.5. and bcrypt needs to be a compatible version with it. So I installed `````**$ npm i bcrypt@5.0.0*`* , then run $ npm rebuild and then $ node index.js again. And it is working now, however my Compas shows only “admin, config, local, vidly {genres, movies}”. So no “vidly-tests” nor “users”. Hope this helps :slight_smile:
EDIT: oh and I also didn’t have walker $ npm i walker, so I could run tests for the first time $ npm test and this will populate DB with what was missing.
Don’t forget to reload your database :wink: