Vidly-api-node Backend, npm i doesn't work

Hi, my name is Viktor,
I am at like 75% of Mosh’s React course and now I am stuck at problem.
When I try execute command npm i on vidly-api-node I got like 200 errors on start it’s saying something like node_modules/bcrypt.I don’t even know what is name of error. If anyone has the same problem I will really appreciate your help.

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There was an npm module called bcrypt.
I removed it from package.json and reinstalled it like this:

npm i bcrypt

and now it works.


Hi Viktrix,

I enrolled the course as well and getting stuck at the step Calling Backend Services as vidly-api-node does not work for me. I am strongly believe that we need to install correct libraries. I moved folders which provided from mosh in the section and then start with node seed.js. It thought out a lot of errors. I was trying to install libraries according to the errors but still could not start connected to services. Please see my errors.

If you don’t mind please help me to fix the errors to make sure the vidly-api-node working smothly for me to continue the rest of the courses.

Thank you for your time.
Best regards,

Thank you very much Viktrix. I deleted the package.json and re-installed dependencies and i am able to connected to mongodb for now.