MasterReact-Section 8- Calling Backend Services (Cannot find module 'joi')

Hi Mosh and All,

I enrolled the course and currently learning until the Section 8- Calling Backend Services. I downloaded the folder and go to vidly-api-node. I could not populate the data. I am strongly believe that i need to install additional some libraries but don’t know which one ? I was trying with latest node, npm, joi but still not working.

I typed node seed.js and then error message displayed. Please see the attached file.

error_cant find module joi

It would be better you written down which version of any libraries you were using in the project.

Please support me.

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The same problem I am facing

Hi EmraanKhan,

My problem has been solved by myself. What i have been done was. I created a new reactapp and moved all files to my new project and then re-install libraries according to the errors and which library did not work well i found lower version to make sure it works.

Now, I created DB with MongDB and can make connection to DB through port 3900. However, I could not send request to server to implement “Save” function. I am strongly believe that the issue is all about

await saveMovie(;


I hope Mosh can have look at this and update this for us.


Error came from the vidly-api-node


Hi Mosh,

Could you please support us ? or which one we need to contact to support ?


My Problem has been solved. Thank All.

This is a problem with bcrypt (experienced this earlier in the course). On Windows in command prompt do this:

npm uninstall --save bcrypt
npm install --save bcrypt-nodejs

Then you should be able to run

node seed.js
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I did the course some time ago and there where hiccups here and there. I remember there was a problem of this kind.

Sometimes your code won’t work but the solution is in the next video. That may be a bit frustrating when you are shown a working app and therefore you expect it to work locally because you code along or whatnot.

For instance I remember there was a cyclic call in services and it was solved in the next video.

thanks for share your solution this class was really pain in ass