React course, section calling backend services

I am getting a 401 error every time I click the delete button. I downloaded the source code provided by mosh at the start of the section but still getting the same error.
Someone, Please help.

Ensure that the current user is an admin. You can manually add in the mongodb. The backend (Node.js) allows only the admin to modify the data. Such as creating, deleting and so on. Exception with status code 401 means unauthorized access.

Hii Augustine!
did you successfully installed the backed vidly-api-node in your folder?
i installed it but when i run npm test in order to run test on the vidly-api-node i got errors!!
I think their is a problems with the backed vidly that is existing in the github page…

I couldn’t get it from GitHub. I just used the provided folder at the beginning of the section.
At first I got some errors. And then I ran the following commands:
npm install node-gyp -g
npm install bcrypt -g
npm install bcrypt --save
This worked for me