Install MongoDB and add vidly-api-node on MacBook

Hello Mosh, due to the fact that the react courses are outdated, I tried to install mongodb for three days! In the end, I was able to install from this YouTube video: “How To Install MongoDB on Mac - YouTube”, but I can’t add ‘vidly-api-node’ to compas. how to do this please help. I opened and installed vidly-api-node in the terminal, then I typed the command “node seed.js”. The vidly folder does not appear in the compass 27017?

I did the React course a bit above 1 year ago now. I do not remember the details but I made it work.
I agree this is not always crystal clear as to steps to perform but eventually you should be able to make it work too.

I’ll just give you a link to a printed PDF of my personal notes.
The link expires in one week so be sure to use it before 2022.09.03.
If needs be I may reupload it at a later time.
If you can suggest another service that would not ask me to register and keep the file for a longer period of time, please tell me.

Hope it helps.

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Thanks for personal notes, but I still have that problem. I connected port 27017 and compass working, but I can’t add vidli-api-node at the compass. Sorry for my English if I do mistakes