MongoDB installation course is OUTDATED

Dear Mosh, for god sake please update the course, I am just not getting the way to install mongodb and connect the same.

This is the course about installing and connecting on MAC

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just watch youtube video how install it and go ahead its the same

If it was that simple, then why did bought a course from mosh

And i tried doing the same for installation and once i tried connecting to localhost it didn’t work and thats where i am stuck

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i could help you contact me in this mail

For a paid course, one should get up to date lectures. These are from 2018 and a lot has changed since then.

Mosh clearly states that this course would remain up to date when he advertises on YouTube and this is clearly not the case.

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true, he should at least post it on his youtube channel

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I installed and uninstalled for almost ten times , because I think something wrong , but not . Everything is right.

I did it like this:

step1: install homebrew . Just copy the code from and paste to terminal, like Mosh said.

step2: install mongodb. Check the document, very easy.(
brew tap mongodb/brew
brew install mongodb-community

step3: install mongodb compass. like Mosh said, download according to your OS, and next, next, OK.
All right.