Mongodb installation guide for Mac

Course: React - Calling Backend - #18Installing MongoDb

I’m stuck in this installation course since its outdate. Can anyone please guide me to the recent installation process? Tried looking for solutions on youtube but couldn’t find the right video.

Thank you.


I am not a Mac user so the best I could do is redirect you there.


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Thank you. Is it also necessary to install MongoDb Shell?

I don’t think so.
That said it is an extra mean to input queries so it may be interesting to install.
I used their MongoDB Compass tool to interact with the DB outside of any app.

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hi, I have been through the hassle of installing mongoDB on my Mac and trust me it’s not worth it. In production you’d never use it this way anyway. So my advice, go use mongodb atlas directly. , it’ll save you a tone of time

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Just wanted to practice on a local server first before using cloud base but thank you!