MasterReact - Authentication And Authorization (vidly-api-node could not start !)

Hi Mosh and All.

I enrolled the MasterReact course and getting stuck from the Topic Calling Backend Services until Authentiction and Authorization cand could not go further then. The reason is i could not connect localhost to server as required install correct libraries.

At the app vidly-api-node: I followed your instructions and still not connect to services. Please help us to fix your download folder. It would be better you could download required libraries and stored them in a folder in project.

I look forward to hearing from your support asap.

I will appreiciate your support very much.

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Have you run npm install?

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Thank eelsholz.

My problem has been solved as I deleted the package json file and re-installed dependencies.


Hi fortunesoft,

Thank you for your suggest. I am living in Australia-Melbourne and prefer to work over here.

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