Whats the best programm language

Whats the best programm language to make a programm to find lost data on a harddsik?
Also i whant to learn programming for hobby to make cool programma’s or games.
First i have look on your free course Phython on you tube and yetserday i have buy the java course.
Hope my enlgisch it’s good enough to understand me.


What do you mean with lost data ? For a Windows machine I’d say your best bet would be Powershell, it has loads of file and disk related commands all ready to go.
Imho game development is quite advanced, Java can be used for it. C# is what I used to follow a racing game tutorial last month, it is also employed by Unity.

Lost data yes for windows jpg,video files.
I have buy the java course from mosh and also all ready a other java course but that teacher is not so good.
I like mosch teach skills.
Powershell the build in on windows dos commands?

Why do you think your data is lost ?
This page might be interesting for you:

Like harddisk that have been format i now there are pay software to get them back.
Or Harddisk that not working annymore etc… Thanks for your answers.

It depends that which language is best for you.
If you want to do machine learning, data science, etc Python is best for you. Python is easy to learn and implement.
And as you want to develop a program to find lost data on a hard disk then C++ is best for you because it’s the closest language to the hardware.

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Ok Thanks i will try maybe also C++