Need help to select a Languge / Learning Path


I’m interested in building an app, but I’m unsure which languages I should learn for it.

The app should:

  • Run on Windows (ideally on Linux as well)
  • Be very fast
  • Handle generic optimization with large datasets
  • Integrate some Python scripts to retrieve data
  • Animate Live data

I initially began writing it in Python, but it proved to be too slow.
Now I think C# could be a thing, but it seems outdated.
Would combining React with C# and Python integrations, or a similar approach, be a better idea?

What would you recommend?

What is outdated ?
The course ? Yes.
The language ? Definitely no.

I did code a small project for my company when I began and it ran on Raspberry PI which is essentially Linux.

You can learn C# from Microsoft Learn.