C# or C++ for a programming beginner ?!

Hello everybody, very happy to discuss this with you. I’m a python starter and I want to learn data analysis should I study C# or C++ first to make sure I can grasp it fast? Thanks.

I think it depends what type of programming you want to do. Both are fine languages. Different companies and job markets prefer different languages. If you want to make it easy on yourself and be able to just follow Mosh, you should probably learn Java as your first language since that is what he uses for his fundamentals material on data structures and algorithms. It has lots of crossover with both C# and C++.

Many thanks, my friend. I will go through Java deeply.

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for me i would love to start on C++, then once fully satisfied and tackle all the topics i have in mind, then shift to C#. It would be much more easier the transition.

I think keeping with Python for Data Science/Analysis is the right move, if for no other reason, in that field, Python is (probably) the most widely used language of the three you mentioned.

Otherwise, I’d go with C#; I think it’s easier to pick up and it is a safer language to learn, thanks to the .NET framework.