What I should learn

Hi everybody.
I would like to ask you about what language should I learn.
I previously work on VB6 in 2001 , then on assembly for Pic microcontroller (mplab) and on proton+ and mikrobasic in 2005.
After that I stopped because of my university (I studied medicine after that orthopaedic surgery).
Now I need programming to help me in medical translation and work with text, and made android apps.
What should I learn c# or python ?
Thank you.

Hey @Malek, Welcome to the forms.

From what I’m hearing you should stick to C#, based your previous experience and the need for a mobile app which is easy to do with C# and Xamarin. Also there are great CV(Computer Vision) library’s in C# to help process text.

If you find that C# is not the best for a particular application, then learning another programing languages will be very easy when you understand the basics.

I’m also trying to see where I fit in the medical field. Once you are ready, touch base to see if we can work together to create something great.

Good luck!

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Thank you very much :tulip::rose:

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