Which back-end coding language is the best?

I have bought so many of Mosh’s courses and I absolutely love them all and they are worth it, but I now feel like I have to learn back-end development too so which languages would you guys prefer me from Mosh’s courses. NOTE: I already know Python, Java, JavaScript and SQL. (All from Mosh’s Courses Of Course).

Java is pretty versatile and is what I use for backend development in my job. My company also makes heavy use of C++ for most of our backend development since it is much more scalable. I am taking Mosh’s C++ course right now so I cannot really tell you if his course is particularly good, but I think those two languages are some of the most commonly used in backend development. Kotlin (which is a next generation version of Java) is also on the rise and starting to pick up steam at my company.

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Objectively and ultimately technologies that rocks the most are the ones I back. I am also on the clever, modest and open-minded part of us.

Seriously speaking I don’t think so. Also I am not sure what to tell you when all the languages you already know have back-end options Respectively Django, Java EE, Node.js. Certainly more than that.

As we’re at it, C# is also pretty popular for back-ends. At least here in Europe. Basically it is mostly Java and C#. C++ is mostly for industrial use in here.
Overall it seems the most popular language depends on the region of the world so I’d check local job boards (or of any location you’d like to live in).

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is c++ a good language to like learn right now oh and jmrunkle and UniqueNospaceShort please do let me know what you guys think of it, im just going back and forth searching up and looking at different opinions about c++. I am just confused on buying a framework course or the c++ course or any c language course in short

There not much I can tell. It is too old to me. A valid option in some companies.
I’d better pick a back-end tech that goes along with the languages I already know and deepen my knowledge there instead of spreading on too many techs and languages. Though doing a bit of C/C++ for general culture won’t hurt.

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Alright thanks for the help!

This is probably the most important criteria. Both companies I have worked for used C++ heavily for backend development. You have to look at the job market you are trying to enter. There are still many big companies that are using C++ heavily, but you have to check what is available in your local job market.

I am mostly a Java developer so I know that one is also pretty popular out here (in the US).

Python is also in use at my company, but I do not generally see it used directly in backends because it does not have type safety which seems like a pretty standard requirement for backend development in professional code. If you do not have type safety you basically have to write extra test code to create your own type safety.