Practice Java Course

Yo, I’m doing the Java Course and it’s going all very well… I would just like some more practice to consolidate what I learn.
Can someone offer me challenges or tests about each of the 3 units, please? That’d help me a lot to consolidate the concepts, thanks!

Please what did the java project cover.
Did it demonstrate java being used as a backend of a frontend language while connected to a database e.g MySQL? . Please your answer will help me. I want to purchase the course for reason being that I want to use it as backend while connected to MySQL

Oh, the course is about backend developing in general, not specifically to your purpose. But im sure that by doing it, you can get to learn your purpose in a future coz it explains fundamentals quite well. If you want me to detailedly explain what it’s about, i will!

Yes please explain I want to know

The thing is I’m looking for a backend language that I can use with MySQL but I don’t know how java works with frontend and backend while connected to a database. I want something I can use with MySQL but not php that’s y I want to know if the course can help my purpose

Thanks so much I am grateful bro

First, basics… primitive and reference types, if statements, etc… basic stuff. Next, object oriented programming, including classes, inheritance and interfaces. And finally, advanced stuff like exceptions, generics, etc.

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Did you succeed to get the job?

Apply the knowledge learned here by solving challenges at HackerRank, CodeWars, LeetCode, or TopCoder. But be advised that these sites offer practice, they will not teach you as Mosh is doing. They are not a replacement for the Courses that Mosh is offering here, they are platforms to put your already attained knowledge to the test.

Beware that it will not do you good to try and learn from different sources as a new programmer, it is a waste of time, you will be filled with a false sense of knowledge and not practical tools to be a fulfilled programmer. Finish your courses with Mosh, since you started. I tried many sources myself, and by far Mosh is the best. His no-fluff, straight-to-the-point knowledge is all I was ever looking for. And I have many books on Java, networking, and programming, but without guidance, I was getting lost in knowledge limbo. Not good.