Assistance in code language

Hi all, I am new to programming in general. Do not understand how the final product relates to the programing. I am that new. Yet getting stuck into a language does not make sense. I am feeling the need to cancel my subscription, and asking for a refund as per money back guarantee of 30 days. Yet I really want to learn.

Any ideas on how, where, what etc… to get started.


For example I have started python and completed only 9%, then heard mosh state that begining on Java is better. I accidentely went to java script, again another 9% then into Java, another 9 %.

I am really overwhelmed and think that this is not for me. Any help… :slight_smile:

The variety of programming languages can be confusing, yes. So let’s take a step back: Why did you initially want to learn programming?

To be able to develop games, web pages, databases, programs such as leap, smokeball.

However, I really do like to solve problems. I know that coding is an intricate art. I do enjoy being able to solve problems. Do the courses also have exersices where we develop mock programs?

With such wide ranging desires, I think you will eventually need to learn a wide variety of languages, but rest assured that learning the fundamentals of programming in any language will translate to almost every language you learn afterwards.

Focusing on one language at the beginning is just to make things easier on yourself so that you are not learning too many new things at once. Unless you have a strong reason to do otherwise, I would take Mosh’s advice and continue with Java. His foundational courses on data structures and algorithms use Java which are courses I would highly recommend after learning Java since they are so useful.

Yes, all of the courses I have taken with Mosh had exercises throughout.

Thank you for your input. Is there a way that there is face to face learning with a student that has more experience than me. Such as zoom learning or whatsapp…

Hi, sorry to do this, I am watching the Java fundamentals with Mosh, and have downloaded Java. My downloaded java app, does not have the steps that Mosh has showed on the video, for instance, there is no base package input where I can type com.“myname”…


All good I figured it out. I added a package folder and solved it that way. Also, Is mac better that a windows pc for programming is that why mosh is using a mac?

Mosh is using MacOS because that is the OS he prefers (or possibly because it is just the laptop he happens to have available with good video creation / editing software). In terms of simplicity of use, MacOS is probably the easiest for the average programmer. Some flavor of Linux (eg. Ubuntu) is probably the next easiest (and my personal preference). Windows is probably the worst for programming because it does not (at least not until recently) come with a bash (or similar) shell. The command prompt and PowerShell are basically the worst terminal applications out there and have all sorts of unique things. Both MacOS and Linux will basically come with an easy to use and standard bash shell.

I am sure it is out there, but probably for a fee unless you can find some form of exchange of services (eg. something else you can help teach them in exchange for the lessons). There are also probably ways to find groups of other students just learning at the same time. I have seen people post on this forum looking to setup a WhatsApp group for learning a particular language (eg. this Python thread).

I would like to thank you jmrunkle for refocusing my learning. I am now starting of with Java. And do not want to leave any longer. This is really great. PATIENCE IS KEY.