Need Help, Hey Mosh if you read it please help me

Hello everyone I need your little help, I really want to learn java, I have watched many other courses of java on YouTube but am not able to understand them and feels like java is very complicated and i will not learn it but one day i watched Mosh beginner course of java on YouTube and am really impressed, the way Mosh explains, everything become easier to understand for me. But now problem for me is that Mosh full java mastery course is paid and here in my country dollar rate is too much high that’s why I am not able to pay😔, because of my wealth condition, I really want to learn java but for this purpose its not possible for me. I want your help, could you give me this java course? I promise I will pay you when I get job and also pay to Mosh when I will get job, I hope you understand my situation.