I am new here ,Hi!

Hi my name is Sam from Sweden. i am a new computer science student and also a new member here. I started my first cooding C++ this week. Please need your advice helps cuze i feel its realy hard with c++ and other courses. i really apperciate Someone tell me what i should do and how can i plane my 4 years of studies att university!!!

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okay, do not rush your learning process.

take your time. If you find any topic going over your head or simply you cannot comprehend, do not get frustrated unnecessarily, its quite normal. You can always come back later.

pay close attention in building your basic foundations of how things in work in programming. like - visualizing your code execution step by step by means of a software ( ask your instructor), learning different types of algorithms etc.

remember if you learn at least one language properly, it will be in no time, you will be able to shift to any other language in the future. Do not mind html, css . they are must.


Hello Sam, it’s great to have you here.

When I took intro to C++/Python at community college here in the states, I heard some great advice: when you finish a project, the first thing you should ask yourself is “how can I break it?”, meaning, “what inputs can I feed the program to produce bugs?” If you strengthen your program against these strange inputs you’ll learn an enormous amount about the logic of programming itself.

Have fun brother.

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Hi, I just started. My name is Richard, Im from Norway and I just enrolled on C# after watching the Mosh youtube for a week creating my own notes.
God help me as this is all new stuff for me haha :smiley:
My previous knowledge in coding is a course in PLS industrial systems we had back in college some 10 years ago, so I have basic but very limited undertanding of term values like Bool, binary but that’s pretty much it!


I think you should focus on theatrically and practical. Practical is must because if you will try it you just idea but not able to understand how it works.