New into programming

Hi guys, how are you guys doing? Hope we’re all doing good with this difficult times.

So, I started this course a couple of months ago but I work full time and I’ve been working a lot and I almost don’t have time to study. Now I’m forcing myself to do it at least an hour daily.

The thing is, I’ve been struggling in the simple exercises of C# and I’ve been searching a lot on google, getting tips from Stackoverflow and other sources.

My question is: is this “”“healthy”""? Should I rely so much on google to answer some question of mine?

I really appreciate this space here to share this and appreciate all your time helping me.


I don’t remember much of the structure of the C# courses but usually Mosh’s excercises are solvable with the knowledge acquired in the lessons before and some thought.

Nevertheless consulting Stack Overflow and other online resources is perfectly fine and daily routine of almost every developer. Just don’t copy&paste blindly but first understand the found examples and choose the best approach for your problem.


I have ADHD so it’s very tough for me to concentrate all the time. That’s one of the reason that I use google so much on the exercises but yes. I don’t just copy paste everything. I try to understand what’s behind the code and what can I change to implement something that I learned in the past lessons.

Anyway thanks for your feedback. :muscle:t2:

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